Loving the Lake District

Last week we were blessed with doing a week-long retreat. The experience really touched both of us. It’s not always easy to face the “issues” in our lives, but I think it’s always worth it.

DNA w/lake Grasemere in the background
Then we were totally spoilt rotten by a weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast in the Lake District with Matt & Pete. It is so beautiful there! I must say, the cold rainy weather does have its advantages – thousands of shades of green and a real rugged beauty. We went on a nice hike around Grasmere and Rydal lakes, de-frosted at a spa, enjoyed a lovely meal out and really just enjoyed nature and each other.

Then Sunday we took the train up to Edinburgh to go to MCC, Matt’s church. It was great to be a part of that fellowship & hear Matt speak. Yay BB! Then Monday we were on the train almost all day – good thing we had fantastic views of the countryside during the journey back to ‘Nam.


2 thoughts on “Loving the Lake District

  1. oh wow, i miss the lake district. that’s actually near where I did my DTS (Carlisle) and we spent a lot of days going to the L.D. to pray, worship, go to coffee shops. I have been to Lake Grasemere. I think that region is the most beautiful of all of England. I hope you both are well!

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