Joining God in the Congo Line

I just finished reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. I thought it was a really compelling book and there’s plenty of good discussions that could stem from it. But this quote really stuck me:  “I am learning the church has nothing to say to the world until it throws better parties (170).” I could not agree more. It reminds me of something our pastor Greg wrote on how he could  picture the Father from the story of the Prodigal son dancing in a congo line at the celebration after his son had returned home. I’m proud to say I have been to some fantastic parties thrown by Christians because it sure seems to me that Jesus partied a lot.  Joy will attract people to Jesus, and what better place than a party?  Let’s have a feast and celebrate – Luke 15:23.

4 thoughts on “Joining God in the Congo Line

  1. I wanna find some partying Christians here in Palermo!! Have just started Anne Lamott’s book you guys gave to Elena, interesting…

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