Top 10 things I miss about the States

10. Mexican Restaurants

9. Target

8. People who speak the same language (I don’t speak English, I speak American!)

7. Stricter controls on sex & nudity on TV & newspapers. How can they call it a newspaper when the front page headline is that there’s a nudie spread on page 3?

6. Paths for biking and rollerblading

5. Being able to phone people rather than text them – phoning from a mobile is ultra expensive and it still takes me 15 mins to text 3 words.

4. Friends who are into the outdoors – backpacking, kayaking, etc

3. Sunshine & warm weather!

2. The prices! With the $ so weak and the £ so strong, everything costs twice as much here!

1. Friends & family! (p.s. we miss you & would love to hear from you!)


3 thoughts on “Top 10 things I miss about the States

  1. The texting shall come.

    And you get to go running through the countryside–the path thing should quickly be made up for by the presence of sheep, surely. 😉

  2. if you think the sex and nudity is bad there come to sicily!! tv here is shocking! unless it’s an american programme like dotttorrrrrrr aauusss with some awful dubbing. shudder.

  3. We miss both of you terribly two. If only we could find a way to all be in England together. It is snowing hard outside and I am in my pajamas! What a great combo!

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