The Queen’s English

Whilst it may be true that people in the States & England both speak English let me tell you there are LOADS of differences between the two tongues. There’s the classic “pants” (underwear in the States, trousers in England) and there there’s fun grammatical differences (“math” in the States & “maths” in the UK) and the different pronunciations (tomato, aluminum).  Plus the Daddy Long-legs in England fly!! And, there’s no such thing as a “British accent” since really there’s about 32 different accents that Brits have. Anyow, for all you Americans out there, I have a wee little paragraph in British slang…how much are you able to decipher?

Oi! I was at a chippie with me mates and they pressurized me to have a butcher at this banger on offer. So I is bought it and we pegged it off, with the bonnet narrowly missing a HGV, but we was safe as houses, innit. So we went out on the raz and I pulled a fit ginger bird. She’s brilliant at maths and sport, especially footie.

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