Battered Haggis & Snickers


We had the best time in Scotland! We had a pizza picnic on Arthur’s Seat (not too far from “Proposal Point”), made Nigella Lawson’s Torta all Gianduia (basically Nutella cake!), saw a powerful exhibition called Hard Rain at the Botanical gardens in Edinburgh, enjoyed battered haggis & Snickers bars at the beach, sang for our shadows on the ruins of the castle in St. Andrews, ran on the beach from the opening scene of Chariots of Fire and much, much more.


One thought on “Battered Haggis & Snickers

  1. Hi Dan and Anna!
    Glad to know you’re doing well and that you’ve had splendid adventures. Envious of the bear sighting and even more about running the beach where Eric Liddell ran, but less so about the battered haggis…
    Since you brought it up, Anna, let us know if you have yearnings for GL layout…
    Most importantly, remain blessed in His grace and peace,

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