I heart the EU!


The EU is so amazing! Since Dan is an Italian citizen and Italy is a member of the EU, all I had to do to get permission to live & work & study in the UK indefinitely was apply for a (FREE!) EEA (European Economic Area) Family Permit. And I got it today! Yippee! AND it only took them ONE DAY to process it! Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be married to an Italian! Europe is such a dreamy place!

Don’t even get me started on how long, complicated, costly, confusing, constrictive and time-consuming getting Dan’s green card was. But at least now he’s got it!

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I like being out in the sunshine, dancing, baking, exploring abandoned houses, dark chocolate, traveling, being green, thrift store shopping, backpacking, gardening, reading memoirs, hammocks and fantastic friends.

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