Wild Horses!Wild Horses!Wild Horses!Wild Horses!

This weekend I’m headed down to visit my Alma Mater W&M. I’m praying I won’t freak out too much about all the new buildings and such. It’s always hard to see a place that is wrapped up in beautiful memories change.

Then I’m going to Peace Hill. Peace Hill was my church during my 4 years at W&M and is basically the coolest wannabee Christian commune out there. There are a lot of young people and families who have formed a great community around the home-built church/barn. Plus, they put in a pool! (See, I’m not opposed to all changes!). And they have delicious pot luck meals every Sunday after church. Thankfully our current church, Georgetown Community Church, is very similar and has that same cozy feel.

Then, my dear friend E and I are going to Assateague Island. That’s where they have all the wild horses!  Woo hoo! I’m totally craving beach time! Just pray we’re not eaten alive by moscitos!

Meanwhile….Dan is in Palo Alto, California (my old hometown!) getting ready to head off into the widlerness to lead a backpacking trip for incoming freshman at Georgetown University.

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