Many moves in not many Moons

So, today I found out our course in Brighton with YWAM won’t start until January because not enough people have signed up for it yet.

This news is hard in many ways, but we’ve known it could be a possiblity for quite a while.  Dan & I have thought and prayed about it and decided to still move to England in September – in fact, we bought our plane tickets yesterday! We’re going to be living w/Dan’s family in the charming village of Haddenham and getting random jobs for the next 4 months. 

I’m especially looking forward to living with my charming and delighful in-laws and enjoying Pietro’s BEAUTIFUL garden (I have such a green thumb!). Dan lived with my family in Reston for 3 months while we were engaged. He lived on the second floor, I was in the basement and we could only hang out together on the first floor!  But that rule won’t apply when we move back there for a few weeks in August! And now I’ll get a chance to get live with his family!

So it’s family time central! We’d appreciate your prayers with so many transitions taking place!

 kidlare1.jpgwe move from this house 31 july  

  to this house   dscn1717.jpg

  and then to this house 3 Sept!   haddenham-house.jpg

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