Pub Q to izzah

Well, if you weren’t there to find out first hand, let me tell your our Pub Quiz night was a blast! We had a great turn out – about 70 people – and about 1/3 of them we didn’t even know. And everyone got to enjoy Dan’s hott British accent since he MC’d. Roy, Dan’s friend from England, a.k.a. Pub Quiz King, was also there & helped Dan write all the questions – some of which were quite challenging.  A little tasting….

– What’s Madonna’s last name?

– Who wrote the song, “I Will Always Love You?” sung by Whitney Houston in the “Bodyguard”?

– How many digits to the Simpsons have on their hands?

The pub quiz was at the Auld Shebeen, a cozy and classy little Irish pub in old town Fairfax, that generously let us host the quiz there free of charge. Thanks to everyone who came out for it – we raised $970 thanks to your generosity!


2 thoughts on “Pub Q to izzah

  1. I am SO in the wrong country right now.

    Dolly Parton for # 2 and 4 for #3, no? As for Madge’s last name…something Italian. So sad I don’t know more…

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