MAY 30th: Claire and I met with Rick (a ultra running pro- with many 100 milers under his belt) to discuss plans for the race. Rick actually gave up running a 100 miles on June 2nd to run with us and keep us motivated! He gave us plenty of sound advice- among my favorites was the kidney advice: never pee out everything in your bladder (especially before a long down hill)- its pretty scary when you go to the toilet after having emptied completely and finding out that you are peeing pure blood due to the empty kidneys having rubbed together for a while…. I am glad that rick has gathered so many useful tips along the way to prevent many mistakes like that- or explain what is going on if they happen.
After meeting with Rick, Claire and i went hill running to practice for the mountains in now less that a week and a half!!!
June 1st: My legs aren’t aching too badly, but i definitely feel like I haven’t given them much of a break recently, so today I shuffled for an hour to give them some rest before my last long training run tomorrow.

1 thought on “TRAINING MAY 30th

  1. Good advice about not emptying the bladder – Dan its so good that you have Rick running with you. Good luck to Claire also.

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