MAY 29th: 15 miles in the morning before work went v. well. I managed to slow my pace by a half hour, stretched well and the fact that it was early enough that the sun wasn’t too hot helped a lot. Mind you the thing I find hardest is when someone on a slow 3mile run over takes me- my pride gets broken a little (which is a good thing)- I think running in a small group keeping a pace will be key to slowing down more (essential in the 70).
The way back was only slightly harder due to the sun. I actually increased the run by 2 miles making the day in to a 50k. I definately felt my legs cry out on the last 5 miles but with home nearly in sight I kept up till the front door.
The key elements to the run were- 2 GUs (gulped down when I felt like stopping), long stretching at the end of the run, a quick stop in to 7 11 to get some gatoraid to replenish the salt that was visible on my face, backpack, shorts and shirt (they all looked like they had been sprinkled with talc!), massaging my legs to get rid of the lactic acid build up. I had one beer when I got home- but it definitely made me feel a little oozy- so maybe it doesn’t do it for me!


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