MAY 28th: OK- I am back home for good until the race!! Wohoo- serious training can finally begin. Today I added a few ultra-running sites to my favourites that had a ton of reading and check list advice–keeping hydrated, well fed, replenishing electrolytes/salts, techniques to stop chaffing, even why drinking beer or wine as you run might help!! In the afternoon Anna got her rolling blades on and we went for a 10 miler together. Tomorrow I am planning my first long run (of 2 before the race). I will run 15 miles to work and then 15 back- that’s about 46 kilometers. The biggest challenge will be keeping a slow pace ( I usually run to work in 1 hour 50 minutes but i want to make the 30 miles draw out in to at least 6 hours to get my body used to being on the go for a long time. I will also try a few different foods on the way to see what my body craves when it is under strain. Here are a few things i might try:
Pb and J sandwiches, tuna pasta, salt tablets, double latte Gu, banana Gu, coffee, Gatorade, muscle relaxants and maybe a beer! (i’m not sure what the law says about that on the cycling path however!!)


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