MAY 27th: Less than 2 weeks until the race!! I got back from the Georgetown trip to Sicily and England three days ago. On the trip I was ready not to train at all so it was a pleasant surprise to have three keen runners as participants. We managed an hour to an hour and a half run every other day. The runs seemed like no effort at all with great conversations and awesome scenery (beaches, rolling hills, quaint towns). Even so, a little anxiety set in as I landed back in the states knowing that the race was coming soon and serious training had not yet began. With that in mind the day after I landed Anna and I went off for two days for our spring church retreat (with Georgetown Community church). I managed to squeeze 1 two hour training run along the Potomac near Leesburg just before setting off… the run went well- although it definitely felt like I hadn’t run for over 1.5 hours in a while (maybe it was the humidity and hot sun)- running for ten times that amount does make me a little nervous. On the retreat I was once again blessed to find two friends who came running with me.

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